About Li-Sci
Li-Sci Teck (-when life needs technology-), is a global corporation that supplies products and services to the Biotechnology and Clinical Diagnostics Industries as well as Hospitals around the world by supporting our customer business and making procurement process.
Our portfolio includes the finest quality and the most comprehensive range of refurbished medical, clinical laboratory equipment and parts and bio-medical consumables.
Li-Sci strives to satisfy customer needs. This is what has brought, and will bring, us growth and success. Through our combination of philosophy, geography, systems, products, special services, and people, we are able to provide our customers with something very rare in today's marketplace - the feeling that they've received more value than they expected.
Our Mission is to move one-step further with long-term customer relation though sales and service of high quality and innovative products to the life science world.
Our Vision is to make a full-fledged focusable and enjoyable work environment, for Biotech communities by providing high quality products.
We are grateful for the support and ongoing business we receive from our customers. As we continue to grow, our Administrative, Operational and Sales staff will always be eager to serve you and ensure that your experience with Li-Sci will be informative, pleasurable and productive.

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